Countdown to the SDG Global Festival of Action 2021

March 19, 2021
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By Eko Diena in 

On the 25th and 26th March the fifth SDG Global Festival of Action takes place with a full program across the two days, including workshops, networking spaces, exhibits and more, with some amazing workshops and musical performances from people like Ben Harper and Patti Smith.

Although the host city is Bonn, for obvious reasons, this year’s event will take place in a virtual online platform, which in some ways makes it even more universally accessible than previous editions. There is an expected audience is from more than 180 countries with over 10,000 people already registered to attend, with an almost equal gender balance and a high level of youth engagement.

Reading or reporting the news online is all well and good, but to start to effect real change you need to step up and take part in things. We will be at the festival in as many sessions as we can manage, we hope to see you there!

At this point maybe it’s best to just carry on in the words of the festival itself...

The fifth SDG Global Festival of Action, powered by the UN SDG Action Campaign, finds new ways to inspire, mobilize and connect people and organizations to take action on the SDGs. In light of the pandemic, the Festival will be held in a dynamic virtual space with six different stages, featuring plenary sessions, lightning talks, performances, interactive workshops, exhibitions and a space to connect with leaders, changemakers, activists, private sector and more.

This year also includes the first regional spin-off edition – the SDGs Global Festival of Action from Japan, highlighting local SDG efforts by various stakeholders and experts. And last but not least, the SDG Action Awards Ceremony celebrates transformative projects that accelerate action towards the Goals and is held on 25 March. 

Join a community of thousands of other inspiring individuals, SDG stakeholders and policy makers, take the opportunity to network and share your vision. To access the virtual space, Register Now

Each year the SDG Global Festival of Action brings together youth activists, social entrepreneurs, tech innovators, filmmakers, and cutting-edge creatives to interact with each other, as well as with mayors, civil society networks, private sector companies, media, government and UN leaders. 

Live and pre-recorded sessions featured on the Main Stage will be in English. simultaneously translated into French and Spanish, and signed in International Sign Language for full accessibility and will also be streamed live in English only on UN Web TV. On the Japan Stage, sessions will be in English and Japanese and signed in International Sign Language. Visit the programme and add specific sessions to your online calendar.

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