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In this directory you will find sustainable and eco-friendly NGOs, associations, initiatives, and businesses in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. You might be surprised how many of them there are, and you might even  not realise that some are from these three small countries.

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Du Medu logo

Du Medu

Eco-friendly fruit and vegetable farm, organic bakery, and shop selling eco food products

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Basa žemė logo

Basa žemė

Online shop selling environment friendly body and home care products. 

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Clean EcoWorld logo

Clean EcoWorld

Eco-friendly cleaning products, made in Estonia.

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Book Lovers

Platform for sharing the books you have read and earn money while protecting our planet!

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Vegan Fox

Ethical vegan cosmetics.

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Tartu Loodusmaja

Tartu loodusmaja

Tartu Environmental Education Centre is a small green oasis in the middle of the city providing environmental education and activities for the whole family.

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Platforma EKO

An umbrella of brands and projects working in sustainability communication and awareness

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Ilma pood

Zero waste store in Tallinn. Packaging free foods, cosmetics, home accessories and more.

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Natural Fiber logo

Natural Fiber

Processing and supplying hemp raw material, and upholding the cultivation tradition of hemp.

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Kampas 360 logo

Kūrybos kampas 360

Social initiative that develops sustainable consumption and secondary design ideas to create a cleaner and healthier environment.

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Fridays For Future Latvia logo

Fridays For Future Latvia

The Latvian section of the Fridays For Future international climate movement.

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Žiedinė ekonomika

Help to promote waste-free production and lifestyle in Lithuania and to popularize the principles of the circular economy among business and government institutions.

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Organic linen clothing for women and children, available to buy online and at craft markets in Latvia.

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Padirbtuves logo


Open workshops to meet, communicate, share and create. A place where people can realize their ideas, share thoughts and tools and achieve more together.

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TreeHouse place

Nature friendly wood platforms from reusable materials. Collaborating with local governments, gaining experience, developing a team and promoting eco-tourism in the region.

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Lithuania Green Building Council

Promotes the creation of sustainable environment and drives innovation in the design, construction and operation of green buildings in Lithuania.

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Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia logo

BEF Estonia

Nationally and internationally active environmental NGO, made up of experienced experts and enthusiastic young professionals.

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Naukšēnu vīna logo

Naukšēnu vīna darītava

Wines, sparkling wines, and ciders made from berries, fruits and flowers grown organically in Latvia. Offers tours and tastings.

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Eco-friendly wooden toys

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TikoTiks logo


Environmental Education and Reuse Center in Alytus, where items are repaired or made from waste. Plus environmental education materials, events, and workshops for youth and everyone.

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Cinagro Brothers logo

Cinagro Brothers

Clothing made of organic cotton and hemp with designs highlighting nature and environmental issues.

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Oma Care

Plant based home and body care with all natural ingredients. For every purchase a donation is made to OmaGive which helps families and organisations in need.

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Green Tiger is a collaboration platform which is designed to boost environmental awareness and create a basis for a green economy.

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HOIA logo

HOIA homespa

Natural cosmetics from Saaremaa, which manufactures its products by hand and in an environmentally sustainable way.

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UMA tvarus pakavimas logo


Uma sustainable packaging. Plastic-free reusable bags and beeswax cloths.

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Textale logo


A platform for responsible style, sustainable design, clothing sharing, recycling and upcycling, for the circular textile economy.

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Hektor Stay

Design hotels in Tallinn and Tartu which care about the environment, sustainability and community.

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Pagar Vataks logo

Pagar Votaks

Organic bread, produced with a range of flavours and all made using only natural ingredients.

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Žalia žinutė logo

Žalia žinutė

Online shop - reusable bags, products from local developers and foreign sustainable items. Directory for sustainable companies.

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Paint Eco logo

Paint Eco

Eco-friendly paints and wood treatments made using boiled linseed oil.

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Zero waste online shop standing for quality and the conscious shopping.

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FEE Latvia logo

Vides izglītības fonds

The Environmental Education Foundation runs projects, including eco-schools to promote environmental education and cooperation.

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Miesto laboratorija

A sustainable community education center located in Antakalnis, Vilnius. Green and healthy lifestyle ideas, events, projects, and a cafe!

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Birch Lagoon logo

Birch Lagoon

Mildly fermented organic birch water drinks.

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La Muu logo

La Muu

Estonian organic ice cream - all the main ingredients (milk, cream, eggs, berries and fruits) sourced locally from Estonian organic farmers.

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Plukt logo


Premium specialty herbal tea hand-picked from wild Nordic meadows and forests.

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Reet Aus

Sustainable upcycled men's and women's fashion made by Reet Aus using UPMADE® certificate.

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Ideas block logo

Ideas Block

Vegan cafe, art gallery, and creative space for cultural expressions, exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills.

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Distyled logo


Manufacturers of ethically and sustainably produced bags.

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SOKKI logo


Comfortable and eco-friendly socks made from organic cotton.

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Eesti Roheline Liikumine

A non-profit environmental organization founded in 1988, with the aim to guide Estonian society towards nature conservation and a sustainable way of life.

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Sustainable socks company from Lithuania, socks made from plastic they fish from the oceans.

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Kira logo

Kira Shoes

Fully vegan shoes, created from old and reused materials, which will carry you around the world, leaving absolutely no trace.

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Between LAB

A high-end slow fashion company. BETWEEN – the collaboration of traditional crafts and novel design to create the new conceptual stories. 

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Cool Ukis logo


Initiative for sharing land and community gardening to grow sustainable food.

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Silmachy remedies logo

Silmachy remedies

Men's and women's natural skin and haircare products made by a family business,

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The Knotty Ones

More than just a sustainable knitwear label, it empowers and supports rural women who produce the knitwear. Women's and kids wear.

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Grynas būstas

Healthy homes built from eco-friendly building and finishing materials. Provide customers with only the healthiest, carefully obtained, ecological materials.

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Natty logo


Pure organic nut butters made in Estonia.

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Zero Waste logo

Zero Waste Latvija

An association that calls for thinking about and reducing daily consumption, with the goal to reduce pollution by following zero waste principles.

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Pasodink Medį

The platform to donate trees which are planted in Lithuania.

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Keistoteka logo


Second-hand books, music, and film store. Online store plus a shop in Vilnius.

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Sweeco logo


Natural chocolate, organic ingredients, and chocolate making kits.

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Mulieres logo


Organic washing liquids and cleaning products, made from natural ingredients, based on skin-friendly olive oil and sustainably packaged.

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Auga logo


Organic and sustainably farmed vegetables, eggs, dairy, and food products including soups and grain products

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Bebe Organic logo

Bebe Organic

Sustainable, organic and chemical-free clothing for children.

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Solidu logo


Environmentally conscious cosmetics brand making solid body and hair care bars without using water or plastic packaging.

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Juodas Šuo logo

Juodas Šuo

Second-hand books and cultural shop, and gallery space for young artists, housed in an old city apartment.

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Eco-design association that brings together developers, manufacturers, and organizations that work on the principles of the circular economy and sustainability.

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Anna Bergmans logo

Anna Bergmans

Organic farm producing teas, herbal blends, and various herbal products. They also offer reiki therapy, Ayurvedic massages, and sauna procedures.

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Studio August logo

Studio August

August is an ethical clothing brand combining natural, organic materials with contemporary design.

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Kumutis logo


Environmentally friendly straws for drinks and other products from natural straw and pasta.

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Verdant Eco Spa logo

Verdant Eco Spa

The first ecological beauty salon in Riga that uses only natural and eco-friendly providing the best results without harming health or the surrounding environment.

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Zaļā brīvība

Public environmental protection and environmental education organization.

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Organic skincare and cosmetics.

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Wooly Organic

Baby goods - natural materials, good quality, modern design and made in ethical environment. 

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Atgal į gamtą logo

Atgal į gamtą

Voluntary wildlife aid initiative in Vilnius.

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Alt Lauri logo

Alt Lauri

Organic farm selling their own products online together with products from partner organic farms.

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Urban Earth Lovers

Eco friendly shop, carefully selected alternatives to plastics - durable, uniquely designed, ecological products for home and city travel.

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Žaliuomenė logo


Organic zero-waste shop, vegan café, and community in Vilnius

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Zero Waste

Zero waste online shop and blog.

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Obelisk Farm

Sustainable hemp farm offering it's production, educational courses and workshops, community projects.

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Plogging logo

Plogging in Lithuania

An information page about plogging - jogging and collecting garbage, in Lithuania.

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CooCoo logo


Making unique and functional furniture from old, damaged or discarded pieces.

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Makara Wear logo

Makara Wear

Sustainable swimwear and clothing, made from econyl, organic cotton, and upcycled materials, following zero waste principles.

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VeganMilk logo


Producing plant-based milk from nuts and seeds in Liepaja.

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Fridays for Future Estonia logo

Fridays For Future Estonia

The Estonian section of the Fridays For Future international climate movement.

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Sustainable goods for kids.

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BePakoutes logo


Zero waste store in Panevėžys, with weighed food, personal hygiene, household cleaning and environmentally friendly products.

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Kuku logo


Hand-crocheted things for yourself, family and home, using natural hemp fiber.

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Mokslo Kavinė logo

Mokslo Kavinė

Vegan cafe and shop, and online store selling organic yummy things.

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Farmers Circle

Sustainable farm center with a restaurant, a green workspace, a conference space, and a produce store. Also supplies to stores and restaurants.

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One wolf logo

One Wolf

Sustainable clothing brand and online shop.

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Certified natural skin care products sustainable from the ingredients up to the packaging.

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Sustainable goods for kids.

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Grąžinti Verta

Bottle deposit and recycling system.

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Svetes logo


Biological flours, grains and traditionally baked breads.

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Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania logo

BEF Lithuania

Nationally and internationally active environmental NGO, made up of experienced experts and enthusiastic young professionals.

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Koduaia logo

Koduaia õunamahl

Real apple juice made from real home garden apples. Each variety is individually squeezed and bottled.

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Sustainable and responsible women's clothing brand.

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Zaļais kalns

Zero waste and zero packaging shop where you can buy foods, body care and home products in Riga and online.

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Upty logo


Online secondhand clothes shopping across the Baltic states, with the idea to support the circular economy.

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River Cleanup Lietuva logo

River Cleanup Lietuva

Lithuania brand of the international River Cleanup initiative, promoting the management of rivers and thus the protection of our seas and oceans!

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Vilkės ūkis

Natural gardening farmstead where you can order food boxes, volunteer, learn about natural gardening.

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Sengirė Fondas logo

Sengirė Fondas

A foundation that buys and protects Lithuania's ancient woods.

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Po bangom logo

Po bangom

Educating, with knowledge and stories from the underwater world.

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Eko Recycling logo

Eko Recycling

Collecting and purchasing ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal, tyres, and electronic waste before processing to make useful materials.

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Žalioji Politika logo

Žaliosios politikos institutas

Green think tank promoting sustainable development decisions, based on scientific research and analyses.

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ELMO rent

Electric car sharing in Estonia.

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Trempel logo

Trempel hangers

Producing high-quality eco friendly recycled hangers for clothes made of sturdy cardboard.

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Thatday logo


Sustainable period underwear made in Latvia

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Organic cosmetics and skin care.

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D'Tea logo


100% organic bio herbal tea drinks.

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Atliekų kultūra logo

Atliekų kultūra

Educating Vilnius area residents about the culture of waste management, to encourage sorting, to handle waste properly.

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Meška po stogu logo

Meška po stogu

Giving a new second life to old furniture and decorative items.

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9 Zuikiai

Ideas, knowledge and communication support for sustainable business and young people from 13 years. Here adequate approach to money, humanity and nature are shared.

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Organic Estonia

An umbrella organization that serves as a B2B platform for organic companies, bringing together providers of certified and natural products from Estonia.

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Online shop for organic food and drink. Also has some cleaning and other household products.

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Inovatorių slėnis logo

Inovatorių slėnis

Co-working and co-living spaces, organisation of seminars, workshops and festivals, and social programs.

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ETIAM Planet logo

ETIAM Planet

Online shop selling sustainable home and personal care products.

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Capacity Amberwear

Sustainable underwear

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Sincerely Yours logo

Sincerely Yours

Women's clothing brand and online shop, made from sustainable materials including certified organic cotton, recycled lace, and cork leather.

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Fotografiska Tallinn

More than a gallery with zero waste restaurant.

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The first vegan food shop in the Baltic States. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shop online in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Physical store in Vilnius.

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Aesti logo


Natural and chemical free beauty products made from Estonian peat.

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Sustainable bamboo toilet paper.

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Zaļā govs

Organic grocery shop, where you can find vegetables, fruits, different products from farms, cleaning and cosmetic products.

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Muulin logo


A sustainable clothing and home accessory brand, focused on timeless design, zero-waste production and organic fabrics.

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Kombucha Vitality Drink

Beekeeping and ecological craft Kombucha brewed in a Latvian National park. They are connecting with Glempings Klaukas.

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S4 Hosting

Ethical and sustainable web hosting passionate about the environment.

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Botanical Paper logo

Botanical Paper

 Eco-friendly paper and products made of Latvian grass, seed, straw and various types of flowers.

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Born in Lithuania and now an international platform to sell, buy and exchange used clothes, accessories and interior details.

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Karli ja Linda logo

Karli ja Linda maiustused

Handmade chocolates, chocolate creams, and muesli, order online and delievered to you at home.

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Misko Festivalis

Miško Festivalis

A forest Festival – experiences and conversations exploring how we live with nature.

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Zala Zeme logo

Zaļā Zeme

Organically certified bio food store in Jelgava and online.

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Tata Paper

Practical, functional and sustainable bags made from paper - 'vegan leather'.

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Electric car sharing in Vilnius. Promotes zero-emission transportation solutions and contributes towards responsible consumption.

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Zali.LT logo


NGO focusing on education and discussion of green issues, democracy and social justice.

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Math skincare logo

MATH skincare

Affordable and sustainable skincare products developed on scientific principals.

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Kanapiu ukis logo


100% natural and ecological hemp farm, selling hemp based products online, and offering farm visits.

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Huginn Munnin logo

Huginn Munnin

Slow fashion shirtmakers, with a focus on natural materials, sustainable packaging and ethical employment practices.

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No Waste logo

No Waste

Educational website giving sustainable alternatives to the things that you use every day.

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Packaging free store in Riga, don't forget to bring your jars!

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Zero Waste Fest

Zero Waste Fest

Annual zero waste festival with talks, music, and workshops for the whole family.

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Tvarumo Akademija

Provide professionals with comprehensive, relevant, practical knowledge about sustainability and help to implement it in their organizations.

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The Begginings

The Beginnings

100% natural healthy snacks from fruits, veggies and nuts.

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Ehusk logo


Online shop and store selling gifts, including amazing things made from coffee.

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Zero waste coffee shop, delicious vegan food.

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Keskkonnaamet logo


Estonian governmental agency implementing policy on the use of the environment, nature protection and radiation safety.

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Let's Do It World

A global movement working together to solve the waste crisis. Mobilises people to participate in coordinated local and global actions. Born in Estonia, spread around the world.

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Green Gifts logo

Žalios dovanos

Online shop selling gifts that grow into living plants, and other sustainable items.

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Aplinkos aspaugos institutas

Non-profit and non-political organisation, providing environmental research and information to government agencies, companies and the public.

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Žaislų klubas logo

Žaislų klubas

Toy subscription club, educational and fun toys delivered to home and replaced when your kids get bored of them, then cleaned, fixed and sent to someone else to play.

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the Munio logo

the Munio

Vegan soy wax candles and organic skincare 'crafted with respect for the planet'.

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Asociacija LAVA

Responsible business association of Lithuania, a network of companies and organizations committed to implement responsible and ethical principles.

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Tooche logo


Sustainable shoes and bags

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I Love Recycled

Online handmade Eco friendly gifts from Eco designers and designers directory.

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The ''Stations" to leave and exchange different goods.

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Green Tech Cluster logo

Green Tech Cluster

A cooperation platform for development of green and smart technologies in Latvia and Baltic Sea Region.

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Sustainable, long lasting and affordable women's fashion brand made from local materials by a professional team who care for the planet.

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Simply Food logo

Keefa Simply Food

Purees and juices made from certified organic raw fruits and vegetables.

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Vesh logo


Online store selling ethically produced vegan shoes.

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Zero Waste Shops

The directory for zero waste shops around Lithuania.

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Information portal about recycling and waste management in Lithuania.

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Fridays For Future Vilnius logo

Fridays For Future Vilnius

The Vilnius section of the Fridays For Future international climate movement.

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Chocolate Naive logo

Chocolate Naive

Certified organic and ecological artisanal hand crafted chocolate from Lithuania

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Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia logo

BEF Latvia

Nationally and internationally active environmental NGO, made up of experienced experts and enthusiastic young professionals.

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Balta Balta logo

Balta Balta

Natural clothing and home textiles made in cooperation with responsible and eco-friendly producers around Lithuania.

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Fashion brand striving for a more sustainable future through the concept of upcycling. The label’s main resource materials are denim trousers, men’s shirts and fantasy. 

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E Jastramsko logo

E Jastramsko

Ecological farm producing seeds and manually cold pressed oils.

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A biological produce zero waste shop in the heart of Riga. Offers wide range of gluten free, vegan and unpacked goods, essentials for personal care and home.

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Vandenynai logo


Blog with easy to understand information about living an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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Sneaker Spot

Shoe repair and renovation, promoting the idea of repairing things instead of just throwing them away and replacing.

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Darnūs miškai

Sustainable forest management, FSC certification.

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Jahu Jaan logo


Buy different grains which are milled at Lauri-Jaani organic farm in Lääne. One of the first organic farms in Estonia with more than 30 years of experience.

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Energijos nešvaistau logo

Energijos nešvaistau

An initiative from the Lithuanian Ministry of Energy giving advice on how to save energy in your daily activities and at home.

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This is an alternative to disposable drink cups - installation of reusable cup systems for various locations.

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Free Riga

A public benefit organisation, using abandoned buildings for public cultural and social activities.

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Eeriksaare Väetee logo

Eeriksaare Väetee

Tea blends are made from stimulating plants. They grow the ingredients or pick them from the pure nature of Viljandi County.

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Nähtamatud Loomad logo

Nähtamatud Loomad

An animal welfare organization standing for animal welfare on industrial farms, campaigns to keep chickens out of cages and to end the most cruel practices in industrial animal husbandry.

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