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March 17, 2022
Moving croplands could hugely reduce their impact

It's not just what is in our diets that determines our food footprint, where the crops are grown matters too.

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March 3, 2022
We are eating the wrong fish to be sustainable

Some seafood has a much bigger environmental footprint than others, including the farmed salmon the world loves.

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May 19, 2021
Agroforestry needs to 'go big' to save the future of chocolate

Cathy Watson, Chief of Partnerships at World Agroforestry (CIFOR-ICRAF), explains why it is time to 'go big' on agroforestry.

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May 12, 2021
ED Interview: Débora from Obelisk Farm

We talked to Débora about what makes hemp so amazing, sustainability, education and awareness, and about Obelisk - their family farm.

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April 4, 2021
Chocolate - How guilty a pleasure?

Chocolate has a lot of sustainability issues, Cacao farming is often incredibly damaging, but it doesn't have to be that way.

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February 25, 2021
Why climate change is a hot issue for Mediterranean wineries

As temperatures continue to rise, Mediterranean wineries are finding themselves in a climate hotspot. What are the problems and how do they adapt?

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