The Climate Change Museum making it's way round the Baltics

June 4, 2022
A view inside the Climate Change Museum
Photo courtesy of Climate Change Museum
By Eko Diena in 

Ladies and Gentlemen of Vilnius, you had a climate change museum but now, just like much of the polar ice, it has gone away.

Citizens and visitors of Trakai, you have a climate change museum, but tomorrow is your last chance to visit it before, just like large areas of rainforest, it will also be gone.

Is Lithuania opening and closing new museums at an incredibly fast rate these days? No, it isn't and anyone who missed out in Vilnius or Trakai still has the chance to catch up with the exhibition because this museum is making it's way around the country and then off into Latvia.

"A mobile climate museum and 100,000 people who will touch, see and understand climate change"

The Climate Museum is made up four 12 metre long shipping containers, each one containing a gallery with a different theme.

From Monday 06/06 it will be in Kėdainiai for a week, which is where a few of the Eko Diena team will be visiting, before it heads off to Telšiai, Utena, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Mažeikiai, Palanga, Šakiai, Marijampolė, Gargždai, Tauragė, Birštonas, Jonava, before reaching Kaunas for the last weeks of September.

You can find the full schedule with all of the dates and locations, and also reserve tickets at the official website:

After that it will make it's way up into Latvia, visiting Riga and a few other cities presumably but a schedule seems pretty hard to find for some reason.

The project has ambitious goals. They want to address what they see as a lack of coverage of climate-related issues in school curricula, giving the young generation the information and motivation to become an important driver of change. At the same time to highlight to people of all ages that both Lithuania and Latvia need to implement more ambitious policies in order to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and targets set under the EU Green Deal.

"The Baltics need to invest in their future – children lack interactive education on climate change and its solutions."

The project is coordinated by the Active Youth Association (Lithuania) and Latvijas Dabas Fonds (Latvia) and the aim is to reach '100,000 people, who’ll commit to change + impact in schools'.

It's a very cool project, touching people in places where there are no permanent environmental and climate museums or exhibitions, and the right kind of climate activism being driven by a desire to educate and empower, not just to criticise.

We will report back with more information after we visit it for ourselves, but if you happen to be in or around any of the cities that the museum is visiting then why not go and take a look for yourself.

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