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January 25, 2021
By John in 

After a slightly troubled beginning, the exciting moment has come to turn Eko Diena to face the world. It's still all a little bit beta, so please forgive anything that breaks.

First off, for anyone who doesn't speak Latvian or Lithuanian, which is probably most people outside of those two small countries, the site title translates into English as something like 'Eco Day'.

It's a name which perfectly sums up what we are trying to achieve, to create a regularly updated source of news, opinion and discussion on environmental and sustainability topics, both from the Baltic states and the world at large.

Eko Diena was conceived at the end of 2020 by Žaklīna who approached us and asked if we would like to work together with her as partners to develop and host this website. In early 2021 though, just as we were preparing to launch the site, personal circumstances meant that Žaklīna had to step away from the project. By that point we had come to believe that this could be the start of something great, and so after a bit of thought we stepped in to take Eko Diena under the umbrella of Platforma Eko.

Since we are based in the Baltics, our directory of companies will focus on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, our news will have a focus there as well but we also feature news stories from around the world, and anyone is free to take part in our forums. The news content that you will find here will be a mixture of articles written by our own team and also relevant Creative Commons news articles from other publications that we trust.

In addition to the news, we are building a curated directory of green and sustainable projects, organisations and companies, and Talk - our discussion forum for all things related to a more eco-friendly life.

Of course, it is very early days and the site is a little bit empty right now, but we want to change that and are putting together a great team of eco-passionate people to help us update and moderate content. We would also love for you to help us out by submitting suggestions for companies and projects that we should include in our directory, by letting us know about relevant news we might be missing, and by starting and taking part in discussions.

We really hope and believe that in time this site can come to be a valuable source of information about this incredibly important topic in the Baltics and further afield.


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