Let's start out with site name, for anyone who doesn't speak Latvian or Lithuanian, which is probably most people outside of those two small countries, the name translates into English as something like 'Eco Day'.

This site was started in early 2021 and is designed to be a news source, directory of green and sustainable projects and companies, and a discussion forum for all things related to a more eco-friendly life.

We are based in the Baltics and our directory of companies will focus on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, our news will have a focus there as well but we also feature news stories from around the world, and anyone is free to take part in our forums!

We feature news and articles written by our own team and also news published elsewhere under a Creative Commons license.

It is early days and the site is a little bit empty right now, but we'd love for you to help us to fill it up with content by submitting suggestions for companies and projects that we should include in our directory, and by starting and taking part in discussions.

We really hope that in time it can come to be a valuable source of information about this incredibly important topic in the Baltics and further afield.

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