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We are just a few people who have a vision of a more sustainable and eco-friendly Baltic region (and world), want to share sustainable news and ideas, and have come together to make EKO Diena possible.

If you would like to e a part of our little team, either by contributing news, writing articles, moderating the Talk forums, or any other way you can think of, then please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!


An Englishman who has run away from the land of Brexit to the beautiful Baltics, John gets excited about media freedom, data privacy, seitan, and windmills.

When he is not hunting down news stories to publish on EKO Diena, John runs the ethical hosting company S4, experiments in the kitchen, and sings badly in the shower.

"You don't need to find clever innovative sustainable alternatives for everything, because a lot of things you just don't need in the first place."


Canadian-Texan-Chicagoan Julie is about to embark on a new Baltic life adventure, as she moves to Lithuania.

Julie is a big fan of basketball, wine, mythology, vegetables, lakes and seas. Always happy to embrace new ideas and technologies, she believes that we have got to find new ways to fix all of the environmental things we have go wrong for the last decades.

"We all have a duty to ourselves and to everyone who comes after us to make radical changes to the way that we treat the planet we live on."


A native Lithuanian, Rima has also lived all over Europe, in Africa, and Mexico. She is passionate about education and awareness, and believes that understanding outcomes is the key to encouraging people to change habits.

Rima also believes that you don't need to be vegan, do yoga, or live a minimalistic lifestyle to care about the environment and be zero waste. 

"You can't tell people they must separate textile waste and not provide a container for it, or they should get a hydrogen car that they can't refuel or afford."

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EKO Diena is a project by Platforma EKO, a group of sustainable businesses and awareness projects based in Lithuania.

Ethical web hosting company S4 is also part of the Platforma EKO group and are responsible for the green hosting and web development of EKO Diena.

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